December 22, 2018
Of course, most people appreciate art on some level, but Baryn Futa takes that love and runs with it. The reason art goes up in value is because it is so appreciated and because good art is so rare indeed. Baryn’s appreciation for art was kind of late in coming; it sparked when he retired and took a job with the Denver Art Museum. Baryn Futa’s love of art is why he attended numerous arts classes and started his own collection, which has grown to be very extensive and impressive.

Too often, however, art and artists are taken for granted and it is that neglect that drives Baryn's massive support for and appreciation of the fine arts, as a benefactor and a lover of the finer things in life. When we see beautiful art, we are all moved, but while everyone loves art, not everyone has the means to support it fully. Baryn Futa counts himself lucky to be able to support the arts to the extent he does. He sees art as a great cause that benefits all of society, in addition to being a profitable investment. Art appreciation is a key element of every human society and should be supported.